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75x Stronger Absorption Capacity: SAPs Reduce Liquid Waste Costs

Solidification of liquid wastes is a widely used waste management method in a variety of industrial sectors. When evaluating different solidification products, absorption capacity is a critical parameter that should be understood before making a selection. Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) feature an absorption capacity that is approximately 75 times greater than traditional absorbents such as sawdust and dried granular corn cobs.   

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Solidify HDD Mud On-site with Superabsorbent Polymers to Save Money, Time, & Risks

While the benefits of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology have changed the game for the utility and pipeline construction industries, the large volumes of fluid waste generated by HDD borings pose significant costs and environmental risk. Contractors and owners often choose to solidify drilling mud on site with superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) because of financial and time savings as well as SAPs’ ease of use and environmental benefits.

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Do You Know What Super Absorbent Polymers Are?

...You probably use them every day.

ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers are the quickest, most cost-effective means of preparing industrial sludge and liquid medical wastes for transportation and regulated disposal.

Working in just minutes, ZapZorb SAP solidifies free water in the waste matric while expanding the volume by only 1% --

ZapZorb guarantees quicker cleanup, cheaper transportation and disposal.

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Reduce Disposal Costs While Complying with EPA Regulations

LOCK IT UP!  Super absorbent polymers are the quickest, most cost-effective means of solidifying free liquids in preparation for regulated disposal of environmentally impacted saturated soils, sediments, and industrial / water treatment sludges. Working in just minutes, and expanding by only 1%, super absorbent polymers guarantee quicker cleanup and cheaper transportation and disposal while meeting EPA paint filter criteria for “no-free liquids” leaking from waste containers, trucks or railcars.

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