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Do You Know What Super Absorbent Polymers Are?

Zappa Stuart...You probably use them every day.

ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers are the quickest, most cost-effective means of preparing industrial sludge and liquid medical wastes for transportation and regulated disposal.

Working in just minutes, ZapZorb SAP solidifies free water in the waste matric while expanding the volume by only 1% --

ZapZorb guarantees quicker cleanup, cheaper transportation and disposal.

Super Absorbent Polymers Facts: 

  • ZapZorb® super-absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) were developed in the 1960s and have been continually improved upon.
  • They’re used predominantly in personal care hygiene products (i.e., baby & adult diapers), absorbent pads used in meat  packaging and in agriculture for the purpose of soil conditioning for long-term moisture retention, primarily in “drip irrigation”.
  • SAPs also are used to solidify liquids found in
    • medical biowaste (blood, body fluids, etc.),
    • liquid industrial/radioactive waste streams,
    • dredge sediments, and
    • biosolids and sludges.

ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers reduce waste transportation and disposal costs by solidifying liquid waste while minimizing an increase in weight and volume. With the capability of solidifying up to 300 times its weight in water, one pound of super absorbent polymer can solidify approximately 36 gallons of water.


Picture2-3Formulated Super Absorbent Polymers

Because the characteristics of waste streams vary, such as in chemical composition, salinity, and temperature.

the creators of ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers have developed SAP formulations specific to those characteristics. Additionally, the creation of preparations suited to specific liquid waste materials is ongoing with polymer formulations matched to corresponding liquid waste. Whatever the formulation, the goal of rapid solidification of waste while minimizing volume and weight remains a priority.


We manufacture and stock a ready inventory of ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers formulated for specific waste streams. These grades vary by mineral content and polyacrylate and polyacrylamide percentage as well as particle size and gradation. 

This allows us to match a ZapZorb® formulation to a client’s specific application.

Bottom line: our ZapZorb® formulations drive down solidification costs, meet compliance goals, and shorten project schedules.

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Don’t let wet sludges and slurries hinder your operations. Keep some ZapZorb® super absorbent polymer in your site tool container, so you can rapidly solidify your wet wastes to avoid EPA violations and fines.

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