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Packs vs. Bottles for Medical and Laboratory Waste Solidification

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Which Are Better?

The decision to introduce waste solidification is a great step forward in the fight to control and mitigate the risk for hospital-acquired infection.  However, once the decision to solidify fluid wastes is made, the next concern is which packaging format to introduce self-dissolving packs or bottles. IMG_4763-low-res

Solidifier in both packs and bottles is available in sizes specifically tailored to the most common vessel sizes used in medical and laboratory environments.  These include 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000mL vessel sizes.  Whether in pack or bottle form, the solidifier can be safely and easily added to the vessel through the lid port either before or after filling of the vessel with the waste fluid.  Some institutions prefer adding the solidifier after filling in order to obtain a more accurate read of the fluid volume.

Use is similar for both package formats; however, most find the packs easier and faster in critical rush circumstances where time is a very precious commodity.  This is because the packs can be added straight to the vessel through the port with no additional steps required.  The water dissolvable film will burst and release the solidifier powder within 30-60 seconds of contact with the fluid. When bottles are used, the bottle lid must be removed and the bottle contents poured through the port.  After pouring the contents, the bottle and lid must be safely discarded into a waste receptacle.  These are easy steps, but additional steps nonetheless vs. pack use.

sap-dissolvable-packsDue to the increased ease and speed offered by the dissolvable packs, along with the environmental push for reduced waste coming from industry standards such as ISO-14001, many institutions find packs to be an ideal solution for their liquid waste handling needs.

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