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Liquid Waste Solidification Using Superabsorbent Polymers - Demo

Liquid waste solidificaition

When a Southeastern US-based fiber optic and telecom contractor was faced with a persistent liquid waste management challenge, the contractor contacted Zappa-Stewart to conduct an on-site demonstration of solidification with ZapZorb superabsorbent polymers (SAPs).


Under normal operations, 5,000 gallons of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) waste mud was collected in a pit, from where the volume of the waste was reduced over time through evaporation. Once the pit was at full capacity, weeks to months would be required to reduce the volume sufficiently to allow for additional fluid discharges. Often the contractor was forced to dispose of the waste fluid at off-site treatment facilities, which resulted in excessive treatment and disposal costs.


The Zappa-Stewart team was able to demonstrate complete solidification of 2,500 gallons of the waste mud with only 250 lb of SAP, equivalent to a 1% dosage rate (by weight) of ZapZorb Premium SAP.   The solidified waste resembled a dry, stackable soil in texture and contained no free liquid.   The was suitable for landfill disposal and would pass the EPA paint filter test. The treatment process was complete in only 15 minutes. For comparison, to treat the same volume of fluid would require 25,000 lb to 50,000 lb of sawdust.  

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