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Do You Know What Super Absorbent Polymers Are?

...You probably use them every day.

ZapZorb® super absorbent polymers are the quickest, most cost-effective means of preparing industrial sludge and liquid medical wastes for transportation and regulated disposal.

Working in just minutes, ZapZorb SAP solidifies free water in the waste matric while expanding the volume by only 1% --

ZapZorb guarantees quicker cleanup, cheaper transportation and disposal.

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Reduce Disposal Costs While Complying with EPA Regulations

LOCK IT UP!  Super absorbent polymers are the quickest, most cost-effective means of solidifying free liquids in preparation for regulated disposal of environmentally impacted saturated soils, sediments, and industrial / water treatment sludges. Working in just minutes, and expanding by only 1%, super absorbent polymers guarantee quicker cleanup and cheaper transportation and disposal while meeting EPA paint filter criteria for “no-free liquids” leaking from waste containers, trucks or railcars.

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Topics: Superabsorbents, Waste Disposal, Super Absorbent Polymers

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